What Our Customers Say

On a Friday morning, I was told that I had to deploy an offline capable iPad form for an event the next day. We would be capturing over 200 leads and did not want to use pen and paper. After looking at iForms and realizing that I’d still have to sync the data manually into salesforce, I decided to try formyoula. 30 minutes after signing up, I had my first form built and was pushing data from my iPad directly into a custom object on salesforce.com.

Fast forward 3 months and we are now capturing over 5,000 leads a week with over 100 users.
— Alex

Not only is the app very useful but the customer service has been outstanding when it comes to issues.
— Ryan
This app has been amazing. Creating custom forms and linking them with Salesforce has been a breeze.
— Simona
This app has the potential to be one of the best designed apps for Salesforce.
— Matthis
The Formyoula ease of use, setup and support made this the perfect choice.
— Chris
I don’t think creating form can get easier than this.
— Nikunj
This app has been the solution to many of our needs.
— Flavia
I am happy I came across this app and I believe this will be next number 1 app for creating forms.
— Simona
They published a new article in their knowledge base just for my use case. I was very impressed!
— Adrienne

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